Vacation Brain

Normally when I go on vacation, I like to pretend I’m a travel writer and blog the heck out of our adventures. I force my family and friends to experience it with me. I loved sharing the beauty, gelato and pizza of Italy. I tried to get everyone to fall in love with Frank Lloyd Wright.

Highest tides on earth.

Highest tides on earth.

This time we went to the Bay of Fundy National Park, which included some challenging hikes (moderate my ass), incredible lobster, spectacular views and some of the friendliest people on earth. But I’m a week back and I haven’t written about it.

At first I considered feeling angst about it, but there are so many other things to angst about.

In moment of pure laziness after we got home, I got to thinking about how the best vacations are the ones made up of stories.  On this trip, although we did stuff, we spent most of our time talking, telling stories and laughing. The most memorable parts of our “big” trips are never the ooohing and aahing at an architectural wonder or an ancient ruin. It’s everything that’s going on around that makes it stand out in my mind. Getting booted out of a church in Rome by a very grumpy priest who had hit his tourist limit that day, meeting a man from southern Italy who spoke English with an Australian accent, accidentally squaring the far-too-friendly crew member on catamaran trip in St. Kitts. It’s those shared experiences that leave a mark.

Vacation stories don’t blog well, but they do inspire. Let me tell you, Beth and Christian (our travel companions) gave me great fodder for stories. This is good because I need a little inspiration.

Beach combing for inspiration

Beach combing for inspiration

Not only is the clutter of life getting in the way, but research is leaving me uninspired. While stories are the best part of a trip and, of course, a novel, there’s this whole technical side that can’t be ignored. I’ve been spending a lot of time lately reading about how to make a book interesting and quite frankly, it’s boring. Suddenly, I’m back in university in my “What is History” class. But, like sit ups, while it’s not fun, it is necessary.

Time to get my brain back from vacation. I have to get through this part and then start my research on a whole lot of social history in Italy between 1900 and 1939. So I will challenge myself to not only make the technical more fun but to also share it with you! I bet you can’t wait for next week’s post. Now, let’s see how the hell I’m going to do this. Wish me luck.

P.S. Christian’s sister, Carrie Snyder, was short listed for the Governor General’s Literary Award: Fiction for her book The Juliet Stories. Go read it



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August 11, 2013 · 9:11 am

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  1. Etta, I find your writing eminently more enjoyable than E.H. Carr!

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